Funniest video with Little Britain mocking american bodybuilders!


funniest videoPeople from the UK sure know Little Britain, the comedy show from BBC or HBO and what a show it is!!

These funny guys know a thing or two when it comes to exaggerate everything they think of and today’s funny video & also parody sketch, shows Matt Lucas and David Walliams in an american bodybuilding parody; They’re full of muscles and that bodybuilder body makes the sketch be even more entertaining, amusing and satirical 😀 .

Yes, those things which the funny comediants wear, are bodybuilder costumes and they sure did thought of every small detail when it comes to bodybuilding: big muscles, american accent and the famous locker room, a place where every skinny guy fears to enter!

Little Britain’s funny video in the locker room – Making fun of american bodybuilding!

They even mock one of the most common steroid myths about the funny steroid side effects: Big muscles and small cocks!

Yep, Matt Lucas and David Walliams are all naked in the locker room and they have super small cocks. Maybe they took a cold shower or something :D!

Anyway those are fake ones and you must know that steroid usage doesn’t shrink your willie but it can shrink your testicles because when you’re on steroids, your testicles stop producing testosterone.

The funniest bodybuilding video has some really great and amusing parts like:

  • a naked posedown with “Mark and Tom” in front of two wall mirrors
  • the gym junkies start talking about women and their sexual performance with the ladies which lasts about 1 minute 😀
  • they were starting to mimic what they did to their girlfriends and that was so insulting for some bodybuilders out there because they were practically insinuating that bodybuilders are gay if they have a spotter or training partner.
  • Matt Lucas also started doing David’s bikini line with a razor while being in a funny position

Isn’t this the greatest way to make fun of bodybuilding and bodybuilders? C’mmon, i laughed so hard at every second of this youtube video with Little Britain’s sketch.

Now, i’m waiting to see an american response for that awesome british humour regarding to America’s obsession to look good and stay fit even if they have quite a “large” population.

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