Kate Battersby’s motto for life: Never give up!


Every pose from Kate Battersby seems to be a sexy pose and our girlfriends should really try to look like her. What i’m saying, is that if we men take good care of ourselves, then our girlfriends shouldn’t stuff their mouths with ice cream and chocolate.

Just take a look at Kate.. isn’t she a beauty? Through workout and diet every girl can look like her. Weight training keeps you young and beautiful thus successful in your future career because everybody likes a beautiful person and that’s a fact.

Just think of a job where you train just to look good and you also get paid, just like our female fitness model Kate Battersby. Who wouldn’t like that 😀 ?

sexy pose

And if you look closely, you’ll see something on Kate Battersby’s top besides those sexy breasts:

Never give up!

That’s so true.. if you want six pack abs, big arm muscles, a big back or just big muscles, you have to feel those training sessions, to live each one of them, get yourself involved and grow some quality muscles now!

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