Leg workout for women who want Rebecca Sanders’ sexy legs


Building muscle with the help of a bodybuilder diet and through weight training, is really easy and Rebecca Sanders does a great job in showing us the proof for my previous statement!

You must remember that YOU the normal girl, can get to look like our female bodybuilder Rebecca, but only if you keep a proper workout and diet; Even if you do that, it will still take time to see such results because Rebecca Sanders already trains like a pro with hardcore squats and deadlifts.

sexy thighs glutes and hamstrings pose

If you’re a girl and want to improve your leg training sessions with some new workouts for women you can try this leg training routine that will make you look like Rebecca Sanders in one year!

Crazy leg workout for the ladies who want to get Rebecca’s legs:

  • Deadlifts 4 sets X 20 reps (light weights but this exercise is optional, for the advanced only)
  • Leg Press Machine 4 sets X 15 reps
  • Rope Jumping 3 sets X 1 min each set (this also helps with cardio and warm up)
  • Box Jumps 3 sets X 20 reps
  • Leg extensions 3 sets X 14 reps
  • Barbell Squats 3 sets X 20 or to failure reps

huge thighs workout

Start achieving great workout and diet results now! A ripped physique with big and sexy thighs, powerful hamstrings and nice glutes will always attract men!

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One Response to “Leg workout for women who want Rebecca Sanders’ sexy legs”

  • I would be pleased if give me some advice on how to gain bigger thighs. I do many squats in the gym, but never gain any size, Has a 46year old male, maybe my age is a barrier. Having only 25″ thighs and females with larger thighs, it puts me to shame.

    I would grateful to hearing from you soon.

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