Wanna’ see a nude gymnast with a disco ball or a naked Santa? Louis Smith does them all in this video and photos


Our male gymnast, Louis Antoine Smith, is specialized in the pommel horse and he did win some good medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (bronze medal) and at the 2012 London Olympics (silver medal).

So if you’re curious then yes, all gymnasts do weight training and that’s also the case for Louis Smith and i’m pretty certain that the ladies love him and his muscles :D. Today, i’ll show them a little more than they usually get to see, yes, our male gymnast isn’t shy and that’s why he agreed with a photo shoot in which he had to show off his almost bodybuilder body, achieved with hardcore training sessions and a good diet.

A male gymnast like Louis Smith posing nude with his rather impressive and big muscles, will always make the ladies go wild and that’s why Reveal magazine in which Louis will appear naked, will sell a lot of copies.

Now, you’ll also get the chance to see a video from Reveal Magazine with Louis Smith posing in different outfits and you girls better like a naked Santa with big arm muscles 😀 but till then, here’s another photo with Louis.

louis smith posing nude

So here’s the youtube video with Louis and his interesting photo shoot for Reveal Magazine. Who said muscle gaining isn’t sexy?

Video summary: Louis Smith, after stripping, has an interview while being dressed as Santa because the girls have to feel the Christmas spirit and then, they get to see Louis’s muscles in different poses:

  • in bed with a bunch of gifts
  • taking a bubble bath while holding a bottle of champagne
  • in different rooms showing off his physique and tattoos


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