Do you even lift bro? Bodybuilding trolling at its finest; It’ll make you laugh!


bodybuilding troll from funny memeWe all know that VitalyzTv is a great trolling and pranking youtube channel and who doesn’t like a great bodybuilding troll once in a while?

If you own a facebook profile, then, for sure you’ve heard of that funny “do you even lift” meme. It’s gone viral on 9gag and that’s why VitalyzTv managed to make another hilarious prank on some random guys on the street 😀 and yeah, they were near the gym or going to it.

How would you react if someone asked you: Do you even lift bro?

Vitaly loved mocking bodybuilding stuff and guys who like weight lifting because he’s into weight training too . It’s so nasty when someone comes to you and just starts trolling around and messing with you: ” Dude you have skinny arms / chicken legs. Do you even lift bro?”. It’s even more painful if you’re on that journey to get a bodybuilder body, something like that can ruin your self-confidence but still, it was hilarious.

Those guys from Vitaly’s funny video were visibly into weight training and that’s why the question kind of hurt them. You can see different priceless reactions from amusing ones to violent ones which can make that prank go wrong:

Vitaly knows how to get even more annoying and that’s why he added a yellow SWAG t-shirt just to spice things up with his hilarious bodybuilding troll :D!

Funny prank or not, the “do you even lift” question kind of bothered some massive guys on steroids because one of them clearly seemed to be on a testosterone overdose (judging from his rage) :D.

Today’s advice: Don’t ever make fun of guys who go to the gym because if you find a steroid junkie, you can probably end up being featured in pranks gone wrong videos.

Here are some funny troll lines from Vitaly:

  • Yo, do you guys need a number for the gym? You sure? I was just looking at you guys, you need to start lifting
  • Do you even lift bro? You’re looking skinnylicious man, the girl is bigger than you, you’d better start lifting
  • You gotta work a little bit harder for muscles
  • Where are you going so fast? Gym?? You mean go milk the cows, you don’t work out bro, you look small
  • You look small, do you want a sandwich? You need to pump some iron!
  • Do you even lift bro? Small muscles, i’m serious, do you want to press the reset button and start with this girly dumbbell?
  • I was looking at your muscles, you’re a small guy. You gonna hit me? Oo yeah? You wanna get a battery charge? I pooped my pants!

The only question that remains unanswered is: Does Vitaly even lift? LOL

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