Do you know how to load a barbell? Weight training isn’t for idiots even if it looks easy


Hi there all you muscle fans, we all know that weight training isn’t quite easy and bodybuilding is like science (more or less); You have to know the perfect workout and diet which will get you that bodybuilder body but, you also have to know how to handle the weights around the gym and even if it seems “caveman” easy, it isn’t!

When it comes to barbells, you must know that those 5 to 7 feet (or 1.5 m to 2 m) long bars are used in almost all exercises which target the major muscle groups from traps to chest, shoulders, arms and legs; But you know what?

Some people still forget how to load and unload a barbell properly without having to hit someone in the gym; Sometimes they even hog up all the weights from the gym just to make the barbell look like it’s super heavy!

Those guys remind me of the “do you even lift?” expression too :D. So, that’s why i’ll give you instructions on how to load a barbell and if you forget them, you can always save the attached photo from the article!

load and unload a barbell in the gym

Check out the rules on how to load a barbell:

      1. Use large plates as much as possible because being large, they tend to be sturdier.
      2. Always put larger plates on the inside of the barbell because the inside plates must absorb the most force when dropped and also because at some point you’ll start unloading the bar to do more reps and i don’t think you’d like to unload and load 100 pounds for only 10 pounds that won’t let you go the extra mile :D.

        1. Another how to load a barbell rule is to use as few plates as possible. Why?? Well, because it’s better to avoid a potential wear and tear of all the weights and because other guys might possibly need some of those weights too, don’t hog!
        2. Use technique plates or light plates only for TECHNIQUE!
        3. Stop dispersing your brute force and use the small weights sparingly.

After reading these simple and basic rules, you can say that you know how to load a barbell and now, you just have to start those training sessions with or without steroids; Grow big muscles!

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