Flipside! Funny weight training parody; When boys change places with girls!


Are you in the mood for something deliciously entertaining? That something is all about girls and boys in the gym, an outside view of what happens in a regular gym from the human interaction perspective.

In this funny video, there are a lot of guys and girls who portray, but in a “flipside” view, what each other does at the gym;

gym parody

During their training sessions you’ll see the basic annoying and also very funny stuff which happens at the gym:

  • guys hitting on girls
  • guys just talking and giving advices when it comes to their workout and diet filled with huge amounts of calories
  • guys who go to aerobic/yoga classes just to pick up girls and see them in sexy poses
  • guys who try to correct a girl’s form when doing exercises just to have an excuse to touch her
  • gym posers that hog up all the mirrors
  • guys who sweat like pigs and don’t bother to use a towel
  • the tough guy appearance is still in the list
  • ohh and the bench press guys, those guys never stop yelling

two blondes at the gym

But the whole funny thing about these gym behaviour examples is that the girls are acting like guys and the guys are acting like girls. You’ll see what i mean after watching this hilarious video 😀

You also get the chance to see typical girl gym behaviour that has an accurate performance from the boys who really know a thing or two about what happens in the gym:

  • using poor form and small weights in their training exercises
  • chit-chatting instead of working out, talking on their cell phones
  • trying to gain the massive guy’s attention
  • unsecure girls that try something new like pole dancing to impress their boyfriends

Actually the guys from that parody video really do have big muscles and the girls are as hot as female fitness models, except for that fat one, the one who sweats on the pec fly machine 🙂 .

So forget about muscle gaining for a while and just live and laugh a bit, it will recharge your batteries and you can have something to talk about at the gym if you’re like one of those guys 😀

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