Get big back muscles! Knowing the most effective back workout is a must when using these back exercises


It’s important for you to try different weight lifting routines because, with your actual routine you will never target all the back muscles and if you change that weight lifting routine once in a while with new back exercises, you will get the chance to build big muscles; Of course, for that you need a good workout and diet too ohh and lots of rest so whenever you get the chance, sleep!

This isn’t a motivational photo and i made this article for you to know all of the back muscles, the muscles which you never see. It’s hard to see them even in a mirror but others do judge you by the size and proportions of your body, including the back muscles (bodybuilding competition) so that’s why you have to make some pretty darn good back workouts from a variety of back exercises.

get big muscles by knowing your body

If you want to succeed, you need to learn a lot from your activity and that’s why keeping a bodybuilder body is hard!

Make your back workout routine using these different exercises which target particular back muscles:

  • Latissimus Dorsi & Teres Major – here you can use back exercises like: parallel close grip pull-ups, classic pull-ups, chin-ups, close grip pulldowns, pulldowns and rear pulldowns, cable pullovers and of course my favorite, the deadlift!
  • Infraspinatus & Teres Minor – grow your back muscles with: seated cable shoulder external rotation, cable upright shoulder external rotation
  • Upper Trapezius – make your own back workout routine with exercises like: barbell shrugs, trap bar shrugs, cable shrugs, dumbbell shrugs, smith machine shrugs
  • Middle Trapezius, Rear Deltoid, Teres Minor, Major and Latissimus – want back muscles fit for a bodybuilder body? Use these back exercises: barbell close grip bent over rows, lying rows with a cambered bar, cable incline rows, cable seated rows (Arnold’s favorite), seated wide grip cable rows, dumbbell bent over rows etc.

Here are some youtube videos with back workouts which you can use to get big back muscles!

This first back workout had back exercises like:

  • deadlifts
  • bent over rows
  • seated rows
  • lat pulldowns
  • pull ups

The second back workout targeted the back muscles with exercises like:

  • improvised T-bar rows
  • deadlifts
  • dumbbell pullovers


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