Jay Cutler’s killer video leg workout! Here’s how to train your leg muscles


jay training leg musclesJason Isaac Cutler better known as Jay Cutler, is an IFBB professional bodybuilder with a height of 5 ft 9 in or 1.75 m that just won’t stop when it comes to winning the Mr. Olympia. Sadly, in 2012 due to a injury, Jay didn’t compete but now he’s training even harder just to show his supremacy in the bodybuilding world with just a simple posedown.

So Jay Cutler is an important bodybuilder and lots of people admire him and they also follow his workout and diet and that’s why i’m writing about his leg workout routine.

Why Jay Cutler’s leg workout and not his arm workout?

Well, because people tend to forget the importance of leg training and due to a little ignorance they find themselves after 2-3 years of hardcore training sessions, having big muscles on their upper body and nothing to show at the lower body.

It’s disgusting to see such guys on the street with skinny legs and massive backs, biceps, triceps or shoulders and you know what? Some of them are also Jay Cutler fans but hypocrites fans who can’t have a proper leg workout.

You always have to keep a level of symmetry when it comes to building muscle and here is an example:

If a tree, yes a tree, has a weak stump, it doesn’t matter if the branches from the crown are huge and impressive because at the first, let’s say windy storm, the tree will fall in every single way that you can imagine!

So let’s grow some big leg muscles with the help of Jay Cutler and this kind of motivational video with him training his ass off:

So here are some principles by which Jay Cutler trains his legs:

  • He does a warm up for his knees by doing some leg extensions
  • When training legs, Jay slows down the reps to feel more resistance on the quads so he focuses more on the negative reps
  • Jay tries to keep more muscle detail rather than size because he needs to look sharp or shredded for the bodybuilding competitions

As for the exercises that Jay Cutler uses in his leg workout, you can see from the youtube video:

  • Leg presses
  • Hack squats
  • Leg extensions
  • Squats on the Smith machine
  • Inverted leg presses
  • Seated hamstring curls
  • One leg hamstring extensions
  • Stiff legged deadlifts

Yes, i’m aware that Jay Cutler is using steroids and that’s why he trains like an animal but you can use half of the leg exercises in your leg workout and change them every week. That’s the best option if you want to get leg muscles just like the ones which you see on a bodybuilder body like Jay Cutler’s.

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