Learn how to squat in a few easy steps! Grow huge leg muscles now!


Hey there guys and girls, let’s talk about the lower body parts, yep, the leg muscles are important too if you’re looking for a flawless bodybuilder body. Today i’ll focus more on the squat and the correct way to perform it. So, do you know how to squat?

As you all know, the squat is a compound exercise which targets large muscle groups like:

  • the thighs
  • hips and glutes
  • quads and hamstrings

It’s crucial for you to learn how to squat correctly because you’ll see lots of benefits and improvements in your overall leg muscles performance; You’ll strengthen the bones, ligaments and insertion of the tendons throughout the entire lower body and you’ll also develop huge core strength. When you do a squat with proper form, your lower back muscles, the upper back ones, the abs, the trunk muscles and the costal muscles together with the shoulder and arm muscles are all used in the exercise.

weight training

Now this is how to squat in a few simple steps as you can see from the photo and from the youtube video tutorial

  1. First of all you have to place your heels a little more than shoulder width apart and turn your toes out to about 30 degrees before attempting to lower the weight that sits on your back.
  2. Place the bar parallel between the base of your traps and on top of your delts because if you touch the bones from the spine you can injure yourself with such a heavy weight. Also, hold the hands as close together as possible on the bar.
  3. Balance the bar so it lines up above the middle of your arches.
  4. Find a spot in front of you and focus your eyes on it while doing squats.
  5. When your hips just drop below your knees you can pause a little.
  6. Try not to stop completely, tighten your hip and leg muscles and bounce that weight slightly so that you can drive your hips up and stand.

After reading these lines, don’t you agree with me that the best method of weight training is by doing compound exercises like squats, bench presses or deadlifts?

Your leg training sessions shouldn’t skip some good classic squats because you must understand that building muscle is a lot more easier when you put your mind, body and soul into it. Another reason for why you should know how to squat is that when you squat, your body produces even more testosterone and as you might know, testosterone is the natural steroid which helps people when it comes to building strength and in our case huge leg muscles.

Now, look at the video tutorial on how to squat, it’s so easy ! Just follow the steps!

Most common mistakes that people make when they don’t know how to squat properly (see video)

  • Knees not tracking the toes – while doing the squat, the knees must follow the same “line” as the toes; This is how you get a knee injury!
  • Not keeping the shoulders over the hips – Here you risk a lower back injury, keep your spine aligned don’t lean far too forward.
  • Not keeping the force through the heels – Keep the weight on your heels.
  • Not using proper weightlifting SHOES – Yep, the guy from the video has running shoes and those are not good for squats, you need a plane surface.

    Forget for a moment about the triceps, biceps or chest and focus on the bigger bodyparts that give you symmetry and strength. Train those leg muscles until they explode, cause now, you found out how to squat like a bodybuilder 😀 !


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