Broken wrist or not, Hidetada Yamagishi will still compete in the 2013 Arnold Classic!


bodybuilding accidentsSince competitive bodybuilding is a tough sport, many bodybuilders get injured because they just push themselves too much. A perfect argument for why bodybuilders just get a lot of nasty injuries is because they use steroids; That’s right, you can get injured if you use steroids without knowing a thing or two about muscle development and if you get greedy with your muscle gaining, then you’ll hurt yourself for sure.

Steroids let you push your limits to the max until muscle failure and that’s the tricky part where you have to know your body in order to prevent weight lifting injuries! That’s why you should train all natural for at least a year before even thinking about steroid usage.

For example, Jay Cutler didn’t compete in the 2012 Mr. Olympia because of a bicep injury which prompted surgery; Well, he also trains like a beast.

Sometimes, you can get into different weight lifting accidents even without steroid usage; Hidetada Yamagishi, with only 3 weeks to go until the 2013 Arnold Classic, got a broken wrist while training. After finishing an exercise he just fell and when he tried to break the fall with his hands, well, he ended up with a broken wrist and a short visit to the hospital.

As seen in the video interview with Muscular Development, Hidetada Yamagishi’s wrist is quite swollen but he still jokes around saying that it’s not fat 😀 .

At the hospital, they told Hidetada that there’s no way for him to compete at the show because his wrist is completely deformed! After a week or so, Hidetada Yamagishi just decided to have medical treatment after the 2013 Arnold Classic and he took the cast off.

It’s so amazing how some people are so dedicated to their careers; Hidetada just trains with his pain and all he needs to do is to squeeze and keep his muscles tight. He’s willing to take a lot of pain just to have a chance in the 2013 Arnold Classic..

I just hope to see him along with his broken wrist on the podium because he deserves it! The bodybuilding competition will be in Columbus Ohio, February 28 – March 2.

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