Everything about Shannon Courtney seems to be sexy!


First of all, take a look at Shannon’s huge leg muscles, i mean wtf, if you struggle and try to do your best as a male bodybuilder you can obtain such a physique, but very hard.

Shannon, being a woman filled with estrogen surely has to take some steroids besides her hardcore workout and diet because i can’t explain such awesome progress even with her intense training sessions.

Those glutes, quads and calves (ohhhh and what muscular calves she has) are just insane!!! Now, looking some more at her overall physique, you’ll see that she’s also ripped like hell. Her big back muscles have the best muscular definition ever!

female fitness models training in the gym

Yeah, Shannon Courtney, in this photo, is training her triceps by doing some cable tricep extensions and if that doesn’t make you go to the gym and start training just to catch up, then you’re not serious about bodybuilding and that bodybuilder body which you dream of, will never build itself, this is all about dedication!

What would you do if you saw such a nice female fitness model in the gym? Just get your ass to the gym and start training, maybe, with a little luck, you’ll meet one. Weight training can get you married too, you know 😀

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One Response to “Everything about Shannon Courtney seems to be sexy!”

  • DjTaz says:

    If I’d see Shannon looking like that in my gym I’d either be arrested or put in the hospital.

    It would be too difficult to continue working out because I’d be repeatedly stepping on my tongue! lol

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