Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks


Led Zeppelin – When The Levee Breaks

As someone stated in the comments for this workout song, “the legend do says that this song can cut diamonds!”. I’m guessing that some of you folks really do like Led Zeppelin and i can’t disagree with you because i also have in my songs for workout list, Led Zeppelin.

Yeah, and i’m growing big muscles with the help of their music.. good music! Pumping iron like in the old days when nobody came at the gym in jeans, a time when people just loved to train and not to socialize in the gym. And in those times, with a good workout and diet, because back then there was more healthy food than junk food, you could get a bodybuilder body in 2 years of hardcore training sessions!

Make yourself a huge workout music collection ’cause you’ll need it if you’re serious with your training. Try to focus on your muscle gaining journey with or without steroids and everything will be fine and dandy! Let me see the next Arnold Schwarzenegger with an almost natural body..

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