Best fails video ever! Funny fails in teenage sports for the masses


best fails in teenage sports Yeah, let’s forget about muscle building, big muscles and bodybuilding for a while and just see what happens when your best endeavours in a new and fascinating field which you don’t master, just don’t end up the way you wanted to, at least you can be part of the best fails in teenage sports :D!

These funny fails also have one or two bodybuilding related ones like the guy who squats too much weight and ends up with the barbell going sideways.

If you like to shoot some hoops once in a while (that’s great cardio) you have to first check if the hoop wants to be shot at because you can end up with a glass panel on your head and that’s gotta hurt!

When i say that these are the best fails, i’m really not messing around with you guys, for example if you’re feeling like the master of parkour movements then you surely aren’t and you can end up with a smashed face like the guy from the funny fails video!

If skateboarding is your cup of tea, then you must check out these few skateboarding fails and you’ll forget about taking your skateboard for a spin .. DOWN A HILL!

Ooh, by the way, if you’re into soccer, don’t practice when you’re drunk along with your mates cause you’ll end up taking a lot of soccer balls to the head :D.

And if you’re in a k1 match and want to intimidate your opponent, don’t get tangled in the ropes cause your fight will be remembered only for that embarrassing moment which made it into the funny fails video!

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