Do mice work out? The answer can be funny but shocking! Stop buying mouse traps!


mouse working out on a mouse trapHave you guys ever wondered why and how does a mouse manages to escape from a deadly mouse trap?

Well it’s shocking but it seems that the bodybuilding cult has spread everywhere including for those pesky rodents and these mice have quite big muscles because they can (get ready for this!!) bench press their way out of the mouse trap and also get some carbs and proteins out of it, yep the cheese which you use as bait is a post workout meal for them. :D

This youtube video will make you laugh or at least smile because Nolan’s Cheddar, a cheese manufacturer, did an amazing funny commercial with a weightlifter mouse that just can’t stop bench pressing the hell out of that mouse trap.


I think that the mouse is very grateful for the meal and improvised bench press so that’s why he decided to come more often inside that guy’s house. Now you know the reason why they escape and as proof, the funny youtube video clearly shows you how hardcore their training sessions are!

What the heck, mice are mammals too, why can’t they start lifting weights? And with “Eye of the Tiger” from the Rocky theme as a workout song, this mouse really seems to be in the zone and he also knows the basics for a good workout and diet that will improve anyone’s physique :D .

Mouse trap or not, you should be very careful with things like these, you might end up having your very own bodybuilder mouse and i don’t think that your cat will be very pleased about that. Funny videos like these, related to bodybuilding of course, can just make your day and everybody loves having a good laugh. You know that old saying:

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger! And yeah, stop using mouse traps and feeding your mouse if you want to get rid of him and his washboard abs :D

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One Response to “Do mice work out? The answer can be funny but shocking! Stop buying mouse traps!”

  • Tripton M. says:

    Didn’t think that i’ll see a mouse training his chest in a dangerous environment :))

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