Funny way of teaching you some proper gym etiquette


gym tips from jimmyI like the fact that Jimmy knows a thing or two about sarcasm and he can make good use of it so now, he decided to teach us all a thing or two about gym etiquette and also to give us some gym tips that in his mind, will surely help us improve a lot of things like his problem with self confidence in the gym.

He hasn’t got super big muscles or a bodybuilder body but in this funny youtube video, Jimmy seems to have a point or two when it comes to different categories of gym people who just lack of proper gym etiquette.

Jimmy starts by giving some gym tips to those hot girls that just can’t stop using makeup when going to the gym.

  • women don’t have to look too hot at the gym because we guys really have to work out to get rock hard abs and you just can’t focus on your training when you see those hotties, you will always think of easy ways to bone them and not weight lifting routines 😀
  • another thing which girls do when going to the gym is to only use the elliptical machine all day long and maybe in a small percentage, a little treadmill (start doing some whole body exercises cause that’s how you see good workout results)

Just like Jimmy says, when women stick to the same exercise over and over again, it’s like going to the ice cream shop and eating the same flavor every single time; There are 30 other flavors there and they are all waiting to be discovered! How’s that for a proper gym etiquette?

  • now don’t make me start with the phone texting at the gym, you’re not pushing your limits if you can also text while working out woman!!!

  • i like the way Jimmy gives those gym tips; Those guys who bought themselves a full time mirror membership aren’t forgotten. Yeah, those guys who just check out their triceps literally for hours at a time (a quick glimpse is enough)

Think you’re being discreet about it when you want to wipe your sweat off of your face with your t-shirt but you just pose to see your abs? Well you aren’t according to Jimmy, this isn’t a gym etiquette problem for me though, if i want to see my abs i just lift my t-shirt in front of the mirror.

  • don’t try to be that tip guy who just bothers everybody when they’re working out with his gym knowledge, sometimes they try different things just to see what works for them; Help only those who risk an injury from using bad form.


There are much more to be seen in this sarcastic video about gym etiquette, you’ll just have to watch it for yourself and also learn something from it, people are watching your every step at the gym!

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