Nutrition tips for those beginner weightlifters who don’t know what to eat to get big muscles!


And what would be the problem if you’re a gym newbie? Nobody was born with all the knowledge you need to know for every life style, job or sport. That’s why i made this blog, to entertain you and also to teach you how to and not to do stuff in the gym.

This blog should be like your virtual friend, it will help you go along that path which will bring you a perfect bodybuilder body with big muscles.

Anyway, if you want to get to look like bodybuilding legends, then you’ll have to quit your day job and focus only on bodybuilding but if you want to just get the perfect body with huge strength and a manly look (forget about the shrimpy look), you have to read some more about bodybuilding, workout and diets, when and how to train, nutrition tips etc.

Here’s a chart for beginners in the gym with some nutrition tips which you can keep on your smartphone or on your pc:

basics on what to eat if you're a beginner

These nutrition tips are estimated for a 4 year old kid and now you can count your own daily values by dividing your age to 4. After you’ve done that, the result will be multiplied with the daily values and that’s how your diet should look like.

As you can see my beginner weightlifter friend, there are lots of things to keep in mind when you want to gain muscle mass so that’s why it’s better to read a lot about this beautiful sport; I only hope that you understand the fact that without protein, fibers, calcium, iron, minerals and vitamins, you can’t get that lean muscle mass which you see in the gym on different guys.

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