Benefits of cycling like Arnold Schwarzenegger: Get attractive, grow big leg muscles and obtain a low body fat


benefits of cycling in bodybuildingRiding a bike, also called the “cycling exercise” in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s vocabulary, was used by him since he was pretty darn young and he even went to his first gym training session on his bike. Day by day, after his soccer practice he would ride his bike to the gym, the place where the words workout and diet were invented!

The benefits of cycling improve your health and overall physique and Arnold knew that; It’s pretty fun too if you go up a hill because you have to get down too and then you’ll be fast as lightning!

There are a lot of photos on the internet with Arnold Schwarzenegger riding his bike and that should make every guy with big muscles think about the benefits of cycling:

  • Improve your heart rate while cycling: Great cardio exercise!! What are you waiting for fatso? Go ride a bike like Arnie, you’ll burn a lot of calories, thus extra fat!
  • Grow big leg muscles while cycling: Dude i heard you needed toned leg muscles with carved calves and strong thighs!
  • Cycling can help you live longer: Arnold Schwarzenegger is 66 years old and at this age he started acting again! See the benefits of cycling? And if you don’t think that this is a manly enough sport then you’re a fool!
  • Increase bone density and strength in tendons and ligaments: You’ll gain more mobility and you’ll improve your skeletal system.
  • Get beautiful and attractive (yeah, this is one of the benefits of cycling :D): The cycling exercise, like Arnold calls it, improves your skin’s look due to some metabolic processes and after a great run you’ll get an awesome physical feeling!

So, if a bodybuilding legend like Arnold can ride a bike for fun and lots of health benefits, why can’t you do the same? A little hardcore weight training and some bike riding will always do the job when you need to get a bodybuilder body! If you don’t believe me, ask Arnie 😀 .

If you need help, here are some motivational photos with Arnold Schwarzenegger riding bikes during the years; Stay in shape and try it, you won’t regret it!

benefits of cycling in bodybuilding

arnold schwarzenegger on bike

cycling for a healthy lifestyle

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