The most terrifying squat fail ever to be seen! Here’s how Jean Pierre Fux looks like after that knee injury


how to destroy a bodybuilding careerSo this is what happens when you replace fake weights like they used in the 80’s for bodybuilding photo shoots, with real weights! Jean Pierre Fux was the main character for the most terrifying example of squat fail from all the bodybuilding history and everybody who bought Flex magazine in 2002 could’ve seen it.

The main idea of this article is that, today, after almost 11 years, people still tend to show off with huge weights and that is a bad thing to do because as you can see from Jean Pierre Fux’s example, a small mistake can ruin your bodybuilding career and that bodybuilder body which you obtained through hard workout and diet can disappear in a matter of months!

This is how Jean Pierre recalls the bodybuilding accident which ruined his chance to win at least one Mr. Olympia title:

We’d worked up to seven plates on each side for a total of 675 pound weight on my shoulders. That weight wasn’t a problem for me because I had done the same thing a week earlier for my training video. I began to squat down and everything was fine; Then, in a split second, I went from complete comfort to collapse. My knees just went; I crashed down so quickly the spotters didn’t even have time to react. Afterward, they felt bad about it, but it was so quick, nobody could have caught the weight.

After that sad accident, Jean Pierre Fux still tried to continue with his weight training and even compete but he didn’t even get a call out; ¬†At least he still works out and he is a great personal trainer for those who want to make a change with their bodies!

After years have gone by, Jean Pierre Fux was a sad example of how a shattered dream looks like, but now things seem to look brighter for him


what happened to jean pierre fux
bodybuilder jean pierre fux after a few years
Here are the photos taken by Chris Lund at that terrifying photo shoot:

moment of the accident
bodybuilding career destroyed by knee injury
knees before surgery
knees after surgery

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