Young Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Weider in an ageless photo! A legacy for a fitter world


Little did the young Arnold Schwarzenegger know that he would become THE BODYBUILDER of his era with just a little help from mr. Joe Weider, the bodybuilding visionary and godfather of fitness!

Joe Weider had faith in young Arnold’s capabilities and he managed to help him achieve things that a normal bodybuilder just dreams about. Here is one of Joe Weider’s inspirational quotes:

Be Somebody with a Body!

That’s so true, you just don’t know how a healthy body with big muscles can help you in life. Being different from the others in a good way, ¬†will always take you one step further in anything.

young arnold with joe

This ageless photo with a young Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Weider was taken at Arnie’s first meeting with Joe, his idol at the time, in Miami. Mr. Joe Weider flew him in to compete in his first U.S Mr. Universe; ¬†That was a one-way ticket.

Being a young boy in Austria, Joe Weider’s muscle magazines always provided Arnold with the inspiration and motivation necessary to push himself beyond his limits and build that famous bodybuilder body.

a life long friendshipTo see how much of a good person Joe Weider was, he once lied that Arnold Schwarzenegger was a German Shakespearean actor in order to get him his first acting role in “Hercules in New York” ; He barely spoke English at that time.. Joe Weider also advised Arnie on his weight training, on his business ventures and he became a father figure for him.

Through his magazines, his supplements, his training equipment, and his personality, Joe Weider made everyone achieve their small or big goals in life! A true loss for bodybuilding …

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