Amazing girl with muscles: Amy Updike


Everybody likes to see awesome girls with muscles at the gym but it’s hard for girls to keep themselves motivated with their workout and diet. Anyway, Amy Updike seems to be one shredded girl who could compete in a lot of female fitness model contests and win :D.

Amy is that hot blonde girl that comes at the gym and trains for 2 hours with minimal rest without giving a f$%k about all the guys who stare at her well sculpted glutes and legs :D. ┬áMrs. Updike has a ripped physique with rock hard muscles and that’s why she managed to get her own clothing sponsor, Iron Fist Athletic; I wonder how it feels to get free clothes because you’re a female fitness model ?!

If you check out these photos with Amy Updike, you’ll see her six pack abs and huge thighs in the kitchen, the place where you grow quality muscles!

quality muscles from the kitchen

This small photo gallery with Amy Updike is proof that she’s got v-shaped abs, big shoulders, toned arm muscles and cool tattoos!

amy updike showing workout results

By the way this next photo with Amy was taken after the Utah NPC Bikini competition that took place in March.

girls with muscle

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