Don’t need chicken legs like these guys? Well stop skipping leg day!


don't skip leg daySince the early days, people (especially the girls) always noticed a man who had big arm muscles or usually other big parts from the upper body and that’s why some men decided that having a good old leg workout went out of fashion.

Because of that thought, your typical nowadays gym members forget to train their legs and this leads to those infamous jacked upper bodies with big muscles and a ridiculously lower body with skinny legs or chicken legs!

Those who don’t intend to work out their legs, are called “tank top bodybuilders” because the most important body parts for them are usually their chests and arms. 😀

And you know what? Our chicken legged guys have all kind of excuses when they need to avoid a debate on this subject:

  • “I only wear long pants so what’s the point in having big leg muscles; No one can see them.” (so it seems that your typical skinny legs guy with massive upper body is a narcissistic bloke.
  • ” The core starts from your waist towards the upper body” ( by the way that’s wrong, your core starts from your knees towards your waist)
  • “I can’t train my legs because i get a nasty soreness the next day and i can’t walk” (what’s there more to say?)

chicken legs meme
But there are a lot of men who have health problems and injuries which don’t let them work out their legs. Some of them still train them though, even if they use smaller weights!

Why can’t those guys with skinny legs take example from celebrities, bodybuilders or from any other role model who’s into weight lifting; Do they like having chopsticks? Well it doesn’t matter because they look ridiculous, just like an ostrich!

chopsticks instead of legs

When these chicken legs guys train their biceps with barbell curls, you go mad because guess what? If they don’t train legs at the squat rack, then in their minds it’s ok for them to do barbell curls or any other exercises there even if you can do them in any other place from the gym.

leg workout
Anyway, if you’re one of these guys with skinny legs and want to change something about it, you must know that squats can be just what you need! Train your chicken legs with squats, some deadlifts, leg presses, hamstring curls and calf raises.

That’s why you have to train your whole body from the very start; If you’re a beginner at the gym, take example from these ironical and funny photos / memes with guys that have chicken legs; Start training your leg muscles before it’s too late!!

no day is leg day funny meme

chicken legs in the gym

gym no no's

hilarious gym memes

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