Ex cop Ronnie Coleman got arrested for impersonating a police officer!?


Everybody knows the fact that ex Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman is also a former cop but some of you didn’t know that Ronnie was arrested for pretending to be a cop in 2009; Why would he pretend to be a police officer? Well, it’s like you use a “get out of jail free card” for speeding.

Big muscles or not, bodybuilder body or not, Ronnie was checked in the employee database and what do you know :D, Coleman was listed as a retired police officer. Tough luck for the bodybuilder who pretended to be a cop because he went to the police station in handcuffs and nobody wants to suffer such a humiliation especially if that someone used to be a cop!


Here’s an example of how I imagine a conversation between Ronnie Coleman who was impersonating a police officer and a real cop who stopped him in Dalworthington Gardens:

Cop: -Sir, didn’t you see that you were speeding?
Ronnie: -I’m sorry buddy, i’m a cop too you know, right here in Arlington.
Cop: -Ok, let me check your papers, i’ll be right back.
Ronnie: -Yeah buddy!
After checking some police records, Cop: -Sir, you aren’t listed as a current employee in the Arlington police department, please step out of the car.
Ronnie: -Did I say that I’m a cop now? Ohh sorry buddy, i’m messed up from all the steroids going on, I’m a retired cop, my mistake; But i’m a hospital cop and i got an emergency, can i go now??
Cop: -Sir, step out of the car, you’re under arrest!!
Ronnie: -Light weight babyyy light weighttt (while struggling to break the handcuffs with no results)

After a night’s sleep at their police station, Ronnie Coleman posted bail and he left jail without a scratch, it seems that thouse huge amounts of money from the Mr. Olympia and from his sponsors did their job :D.

Here’s a huge photo gallery with lots of bodybuilder cops!

Did you like that old video with Ronnie Coleman from when he was a real cop? He really loved being a cop and he did it as a hobby even if he was filthy rich and it also seems that anyone can have a job and also try a professional bodybuilding career!

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