Here’s how every movie star and celebrity would’ve looked like if they were on steroids!


bruce willis with musclesOmg every single celebrity that you can think of is now a person of interest for the bodybuilding world!! Why?? Well, because everybody seems to have gotten big muscles and this is the perfect way to promote weight lifting and potential workout results for famous people.

Still, you don’t have to worry, this was just an online photoshop contest for beginners and the contestants only had to attach different faces from known public figures to male bodybuilder and female bodybuilder bodies.

Some of them did one hell of a job and you can really see how a movie star, celebrity or superstar would of looked like if he or she was into bodybuilding.

It isn’t a secret that some movie stars use steroids in real life in order to have that bodybuilder like body for their action movies but we, the audience, want to also see some dudes and chicks from the show bizz world with muscles, how would they look like with a bodybuilder body?

How would Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) look like if he was a gym freak? Can you imagine a ripped Mel Gibson with an extraordinary physique or Eddie Murphy being a Ronnie Coleman look alike? You even get the chance to see muscles on celebrities like Robert De Niro, Bruce Willis, Hugh Laurie better known as Dr. House, Charlie Sheen, Dexter the serial killer, Alec Baldwin and many others!!


My personal favorite bodybuilding transformation is also a funny one if you know the tv series, The Office; Dwight Schrute seems to be very happy with his new fitness model body! 😀

building muscles at the gym

Anyway, you guys just enjoy this huge photo gallery with celebrities on steroids, it will amuse you; Feel free to share it with your friends too!


bodybuilder eddie

hugh laurie with muscles

old man with muscles

muscles on mel gibson

nicolas cage into bodybuilding

jim carrey shirtless

bodybuilder alec baldwin

george shirtless

johnny with huge muscles

katy perry on steroids

muscles on charlie

serial killer with muscles

england female fitness models

tough guy

celebrities on steroids

imaginary workout results

movie stars with muscles

obama with muscles

mr bean at the gym

a big rihanna

will smith on steroids

jack black shirtless with muscles

female bodybuilder queen

bodybuilding photoshop

gym related

mark anthony into bodybuilding

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