Try sissy squats! The modern way to build huge leg muscles like Sisyphus, one of the ancient gods


good for leg workoutPeople will always want to find more and more leg exercises that stimulate muscle growth and those old school bodybuilders like Vince Gironda, Steve Reeves, Doug Strohl, Reg Lewis, and Monty Wolford found great ways to improve their leg workout.

Building big leg muscles isn’t like taking a stroll in the park but if you know what to do in the gym, having huge and also ripped legs like those ancient gods depicted in classical mythology, can be even more easier than you think.

Let’s see what’s with that sissy squat exercise:

  • Where did it came from
  • How it works
  • How to perform it

What’s with the hype around a sissy squat? From where did it get that name?

The term of “sissy” came from Sisyphus, a mythical Greek king or the king of Corinth who pissed Zeus off with his unacceptable behavior:

  • he seduced his own niece
  • he was greedy
  • he also killed travelers and quests

So, as a punishment, Zeus sent Sisyphus to Tartarus and gave him a task that resembles to our modern bodybuilding and you’ll see why; He had to push, pull, or carry a huge stone up the side of the highest mountain, and leave it at the top but Zeus did something to prevent Sisyphus from ever finishing the task.


best quadriceps exercises

So, in some ways, Sisyphus’s task resembles to today’s weight lifting because we go to the gym daily to lift but the weights never stay lifted; You’ll always get that 45 pounds dumbbell out of the dumbbell rack and your muscle gaining journey, with or without steroids, never ends!

So, Sisyphus had a task to perform and while he was trying to do that, he also got huge thighs with ripped quads and other muscles as well. In some of the old paintings, you can see that the best parts on that fallen king were his crazy bodybuilder like leg muscles.

sissy squats best of the quadriceps exercises

Why do you have to add sissy squats to your leg workout? What are they good for?

One of the best quadriceps exercises ever, the sissy squat, isolates your quads better than any other barbell or dumbbell exercise because it’s eliminating the help of other leg muscles like glutes and hamstrings.

Basically, you can distinguish someone who performs a sissy squat when you see that person with his or her heels being lifted off the ground with a flat torso while the lifter is leaning backwards and holding on to something for balance.

side view

How to sissy squat and build huge quads like Sisyphus; There is a technique, you know!

This youtube video tutorial kind of does the trick in explaining how to perform a sissy squat and now you only have to ignite that beast within you and start doing hardcore leg exercises that’ll boost your leg workout, thus giving you the chance to obtain huge quads (today’s case), hamstrings, glutes and calves!

Still, as a measure of caution, if you’re having knee problems, you should avoid this movement!

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One Response to “Try sissy squats! The modern way to build huge leg muscles like Sisyphus, one of the ancient gods”

  • Muscle addiction says:

    Sissy squats are the best ones but sometimes i do feel a small pain in the knee; If you do the exercise in a cautious manner you won’t have any problems. Go go leg day!

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