Eat a lot and also burn fat! Losing weight like bodybuilders do!


eat a lot and burn fat like a proYes, it’s hard to believe but when weight loss is your first concern and if you want to also build big muscles, the key is to eat a lot but what should you eat to be sure that your body will have a positive reaction?

Losing weight is that miracle which occurs when you burn fat! Bodybuilders don’t need to lose weight as much as they need to burn their unwanted fat just like you too!

So if you’re into weight loss you should know that in order to keep your strength and muscles, you have to keep a good workout and diet. Bodybuilding is a sport which can transform your body beyond your imagination so that’s why you should start reading a thing or two about it 😀 .

Now, if you want to burn fat, you should know that eating a lot of protein does wonders! Replace your Snickers bar, which’s filled with carbs, with a protein bar. Your body consumes a lot more energy when trying to break down proteins in a process which is called protein synthesis and guess where does the energy come from? From your fat belly!

Yes, fat is the main source of energy inside your body and you’re actually losing weight while resting because that’s when protein synthesis starts! If you’re looking to burn fat very fast, you have to eat a lot of proteins, much more than usual and try to get rid of carbs.

When you’re keeping a diet, your calorie intake is reduced and while losing weight, you can also lose muscle mass. That’s why you have to eat a lot of proteins!

Eating more proteins than usual can improve your fat burning function when you’re at the gym and working out too; Why? Because they optimize fat oxidation!

What’s fat oxidation?

Fat oxidation is the body’s way of breaking down large molecules of fat, which lay around inside your body, into smaller molecules that can be used for energy thus transforming triglycerides into free fatty acids.

Remember that the bigger the muscles you have, the more fat you burn! That’s why when you stop training your muscles, they get smaller, your body doesn’t need too much energy and you get fat!

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6 Responses to “Eat a lot and also burn fat! Losing weight like bodybuilders do!”

  • Meg Proscero says:

    You really do good research on your articles before publishing them, i didn’t know a lot of things about losing weight by only burning fat and keeping the muscles. Go go fat oxidation!

  • Burn baby burn says:

    Thank you for your good article. Protein intake in order to lose unwanted fat is great and it should also be noted that the use of natural protein is better than artificial protein when you want to avoid collateral damage that can be caused to your liver by some non-neat-made ​​products .. Go burn some fat ’cause it’s easy to lose weight

  • Gregory P says:

    this was an useful article. Losing weight is a great concern of mine but i also need to keep some lean muscle; Girls notice them often 😀

  • Juan Mortales says:

    With experience comes knowledge and that’s why i will always listen to your advices and losing weight but keeping muscles is just my recent problem. Hope to burn fat and keep myself shredded with the new high protein diet

  • Bus Marks says:

    I gotta try this protein tip! After i get my paycheck, i’ll order some pure whey because i’m hitting the pool and i got to look great 😀

  • Mark P says:

    Great article and so true! People tend to forget that more muscle burns more fat. You might also mention the advantage of HIIT in burning more fat. Works great!

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