Hair removal for bodybuilders! Best solutions to keep a hairless bodybuilder body!


Every self conscious bodybuilder knows that, in order to display a perfect and shredded physique with big muscles without that growing forest on his chest, he has to resort to one of the many hair removal methods that are out there.

In every bodybuilding competition you’ll see a hairless bodybuilder with toned muscles, tanned body and smooth & shiny pecs.

That bodybuilder, before entering the stage, has to remove all of his body hair and that tan is not an actual suntan, he’s using tanning lotions, oils and etc. to improve visibility of his veins ( it’ll give him that ripped look).

how to keep a smooth shiny and hairless body

The most annoying part for bodybuilders, when using steroids, is that one of the many side effects involves excess hair growth on the body and hair loss on the head; You can spend a lot of money on some of the hair removal techniques if you want a quality and long lasting effect but you can use some cheap alternatives too.

  1. the cheapest hair removal technique is a razor and some shaving foam or gel
  2. trim your body hair with a body groomer or clipper if you don’t want to completely remove it
  3. you can use a depilatory hair removal cream my bodybuilder friend 😀
  4. trying a good old wax is painful but it does seem to last more than using a cream or a razor (if you want to try the sugaring hair removal, exfoliate your skin 2-3 days before going to the salon and use body lotion)
  5. laser hair removal sometimes has the best results when needing a complete hair removal but be careful if you’re using steroids because some people complained that after using this method, hair started growing back again after a short period of time within 2 to 3 months.

hair removal tips in bodybuilding

If you’re having problems such as razor bumps after using, of course, a razor to remove your hair, just try to follow these simple bodybuilding tips to avoid and cure them:

  • don’t scratch the area
  • use some aloe vera (call a waxing salon and ask for other products that can help)
  • get a tan ( in many cases, a tan makes those bumps disappear, don’t know why but it does 😀 )
  • throw out your old trusty razor, it’s time for a new one that keeps your body fresh, smooth and hairless
  • don’t press the razor on your skin, just shave gently in order to avoid skin irritation
  • use this hair removal technique in the shower because the steam will soften the body hair

I hope that i was of assistance when providing this answer for your question; There are a lot of ways to remove body hair even if you are a bodybuilder, just don’t worry and go lift! 😀

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