On To The Next One – JAY Z and Swizz Beatz [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


On To The Next One – JAY Z and Swizz Beatz [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Refresh your gym music with this song from Jay Z and Swizz Beatz, today is monday and if you listen to this workout song while on the bench press, i’m pretty sure that the barbell will just bounce like Jay Z’s beat and when you get to that perfect point just FREEZEEEEE the load for a moment :D.

If you really want to feel like being a part of this song, you can go to the gym in a range rover and keep searching for perfection while working out, lol!

So while listening to songs for workout, you can try and put back those weight plates which you don’t use anymore, it’s a polite way of saying yeah man, i respect you! I personally hate it when i have to pick up scattered weight plates; I know that the gym is a hardcore place but you need some order and accessibility to any piece of gym equipment.

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