Running vs. weight lifting lies! How stupid could they be?


While browsing on facebook, i saw a somewhat motivational photo about running and weight lifting and as you can see I really had to talk about it because it made me think that there are a lot of stupid people out there in the world.

So, what’s with this motivational photo that should push you towards weight lifting and not running…?!

weight lifting lies

First of all, let’s see what it says, the long term effects of running vs. weight lifting:


  • Burns fat but it also burns muscle (i agree with the fact that it burns out of your muscle mass but if you do sprints instead of jogging, then you’ll only burn fat)
  • Produces scar tissue on the heart!? What kind of nonsense is this?
  • Raises cortisol and accelerates aging
  • Raises inflammation and oxidative stress
  • Destroys ankle and knee joints
  • Compromises the immune system
  • Decreases reproductive size and function

After reading such crap about running, if you didn’t know any better, isn’t it true that you would go towards wight lifting or bodybuilding? Well that was their main idea too, to make you believe that running is bad for your health!

I’m into weight lifting more than into running but what i saw in this motivational photo is plain retarded. How could they compare running to weight lifting in that way?!

A healthy lifestyle needs both running and weight lifting, they go hand in hand; Weight lifting will never cure Parkinson’s disease but it can do you harm when you push yourself to the max. Doing low reps with max weights can destroy your joints too but when you’re doing some cardio, you can always run on a soft, mushy, grassy part of the surface and you’ll have let’s say 98% healthy ankle and knee joints!

Running reduces cortisol levels and helps eliminate stress despite of what you see in that pro weight lifting motivational photo.

I’m like:

Wow i really do appreciate your concern for my well-being! It seems that my doctor is trying to kill me by encouraging me to do cardio!

Running builds mental strength. Weight lifting builds physical strength and that’s why you should combine them!

The only times when running could be bad for you:

  • after running a marathon, that’s when your immune system will be compromised for a week or so
  • when you’re into excessive running like 2 or 3 times a day combined with weight lifting; It can be catabolic and harmful

Someone posted something funny on facebook regarding to this motivational photo, it was like:

Running is healthy, living is the number one cause of death (statistical data proves that 100% of everyone who died, lived at one point) 😀

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