She’s old but her body rocks! Pink’s workout and diet is crazy


Alecia Beth Moore training to burn fatAlecia Beth Moore, better known as the hit pop rock/rock/punk singer Pink has quite a great body and she got my attention with that rather new video for her song, “try”. There, she had a partner with big muscles that had to lift her, move her, throw her and lots more but she also had to do a lot of hard things and for that, Pink had to hit the gym more frequently than usual.

A lot of girls want to start using Pink’s workout and diet and why not get it from here :D, i’ve done some searching on the web and here’s the info about her training regimen, a workout that gave her toned muscles, sexy legs and great v-shaped abs!

When you go to a Pink concert, you will always see an Alecia Beth Moore full of energy that can rock everybody’s hats off by performing different stunts which you only see at circus acrobats!

Pink’s workout is mind staggering, I mean, she lost 55 lbs of fat after her pregnancy!

Pink doesn’t have any problems when it comes to losing weight and you can agree with me on that because she managed to burn 55 lbs of fat after having her baby, Willow. According to Gregory Joujon-Roche, Alecia Moore or Pink did all of her workouts in a fun, loose, and high energy way; She used different training techniques like:

  • Fitness (going to the gym is a must when you need to keep fit with six pack abs)
  • Martial arts (yes, Pink can kick your ass 😀 )
  • A lot of toning and sweating by doing cardio

Pink’s workout isn’t a 3 day / week scheme; She’s training her ass off 5 days a week with training sessions that go up to 90 minutes!

singer training and dieting

Pink’s trainer tries to maintain her heart rate during training between 155 and 165 because when your heart pumps like hell, believe me that you burn fat like a car eats gas when accelerated!

You can also add these 2 awesome exercises to your workout routine; They focus on the core and they’ll help you get Pink’s sexy abs!

Still, Pink’s workout and diet is hard for a beginner so that’s why you should choose some exercises and examples on how to eat in order to start a great process of losing weight or burn fat and adding pure muscles to your body frame:

There are three different exercises in this video with Greg Joujon-Roche and they all focus on the abs ohhhh by the way, Pink always uses them when she wants to maintain those shredded abs of hers :D. This is a good video tutorial on how to perform the exercises too!

  • Accordion Crunch
  • Side Bridge
  • Superhero

Pink has a variety of exercises which blend in her leg workout:

  • Single leg squats
  • Dumbbell lunges
  • Duck squats
  • Leg extensions
  • Wall Squats
  • Lunge side kicks
  • Calf Raises

get to look like pink

Pink’s diet plan is kind of a vegan one but she can eat meat sometimes!

First of all, after a workout and diet break, Pink starts with an 11 day cleanse to set the body functions correctly and make her feel more active than usual. Her metabolism has to be in tip top shape for the diet that awaits her; After the cleanse, she reintroduces proteins in her diet but not too much because losing weight is tricky when you just want to burn fat and not muscles.

Usually, Alecia Moore’s diet or Pink’s diet is as green as possible with lots of fiber and healthy fats; Sugary foods are allowed only when she’s near her workout to fuel that body so her workout and diet go hand in hand!

Then, after the first 30 days you could see a typical menu consisting in:

  • quinoa, fresh veggies etc.
  • superfood shakes, wellness shots
  • sometimes Pink can also eat some chicken or fish

Here’s an example of a typical celeb vegan meal: tortellini with fava beans, summer truffles, dinosaur kale and red pearl onions.

Pink’s height is 5′ 4″ (1.63 m) and she was born in 1979 on 8 september so she’s 33 years old ! She always had a great body with V-shaped abs and you could see that she enjoys working out from those old videos with her on the treadmill or this new one when she twists and pulls that big dude. Why can’t you be the same? Stay in shape and start a new workout and diet now!

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2 Responses to “She’s old but her body rocks! Pink’s workout and diet is crazy”

  • Giulia says:

    Maaaan, this woman rules!! She’s an examole to follow!! Great job Pink!! I wanna look just like you and that’s why i’ll use your workout, it’s harder with the diet but i’ll get ther 😀

  • selena says:

    i’ve always loved Pink and the way that she looked, good thing that she managed to keep a hot body for her age. Love those v-shaped abs

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