The real history of steroids ! What are steroids and why did they get invented?


why did they invent steroidsEvery human being is in a constant competition with another one and today, steroids in sports are used to gain more strength and muscle mass but faster than your average Joe; You must grow bigger and stronger than your opponent in order to win any contest even if it is a bodybuilding competition or any other kind of sport.

Science is always looking for ways to improve the human being and steroids do just that! What are steroids for bodybuilders??

Steroids, in bodybuilding, are the Holy Grail which can give you the ultimate physique with ripped and shredded appearance, six pack abs and big muscles! Yes, that’s true, but if you take steroids without a proper workout and diet, then you’ll just destroy your body. Steroids in sports are used by ingesting pills or by injecting liquid substances into your skeletal muscle.

The real history of steroids ! Why did they invent steroids?

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to hear about anabolic steroids; What you really don’t know is the real history of steroids, how they were invented and why did scientists try to find the magic formula for overcoming mother nature.

A lot of other sites which write about steroids and their beginning will say that some great bodybuilders from the 50’s and 60’s started using some synthesized versions of testosterone or that Hitler used steroids on his soldiers during the Second World War and that seems to be true because the first scientists who isolated testosterone were germans.

Still, the thought that a substance can increase lean muscle mass and strength was already being tested more than 6000 years ago!! So, steroids go a lot more back in time than you’d think!

How’s this for a real history of steroids?

  • Farmers knew that animal domestication was easier with castrated animals
  • The ancient egyptians and romans thought that animal testicles had healing powers
  • The ancient greeks took the very first step in encouraging the use of steroids in sports at the Olympic games by giving plant and testicle extracts to their athletes.
  • John Hunter, a famous scottish surgeon, made the first testicular transplant in 1789 by putting rooster testicles to a hen
  • In 1849 Arnold Berthold, a veterinarian, discovered a substance in a rooster’s blood that affected it’s behaviour and aggressivity
  • This is quite spooky but Charles Brown Sequard is considered the father of modern endocrinology after he made tests on himself by injecting testicular extracts which he got from guinea pigs
  • In 1896, Oskar Zoth injected himself with bull testosterone and he noticed an increase in strength and endurance
  • In the 1920’s, doctor Leo Stanley from the San Quentin prison gave testosterone shots to prisoners who suffered from impotence. He got the testosterone from other deceased prisoners!

The first time someone said the word testosterone, the main ingredient for anabolic steroids, was in 1935; That’s the year when pharmaceutical companies managed to isolate it after doing tests on bulls!

You see, the real history of steroids and the usage of steroids in sports is quite wide but wait, i’m not finished answering to your what are steroids question 😀 .

  • Charles Kochakian discovered testosterone’s first real anabolic effects in muscle development

After one book publishing ( The Male Hormone by Paul de Kruif in 1945), everybody knew about the first steroids and what they could do to improve your lifestyle, sport performances and sexual life. That’s when athletes like bodybuilders started using them; This is the year when steroids were first used in bodybuilding to improve muscle gaining.

history of steroids

In the 1950’s because of the steroids side effects, researchers developed oral steroids which reduced the androgenic effects but testosterone isn’t effective if it’s taken like that; It gets rapidly decomposed by the liver.

After many attempts, scientists failed to produce steroids with no side effects!

Keep in mind that steroid abuse is the reason why a lot of pharmaceutical companies stopped producing a lot of popular steroids in the 1990’s.

For those who still hope, in these past years, pharmaceutical companies started creating a new kind of steroid, a steroid that has the testosterone’s anabolic effect but with no side effects. This product is called SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator but it’s still far away from giving the same muscle size and strength like other steroids do.

Now after reading the real history of steroids and why people invented them, what do you feel about using steroids in sports like bodybuilding? It’s a risk that every bodybuilder takes but once you know how to use them, you can avoid having major side effects! Bodybuilding is a lifestyle and people from the outside world shouldn’t judge, just observe!

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