Bodybuilding for geeks; Modern ways to keep a workout log by using android apps on smartphones!


android apps for bodybuildersBodybuilding is an old sport and it still keeps the same training principles when it comes to muscle gaining, fat shredding and strength training; But with the passing of the years, a lot of things have changed and now, everybody has a smartphone and looks for android apps on google market, people have a lot more junk food than in the early days and etc;

Before these modern ages, every smart bodybuilder knew that in order to see his progress, he had to invent some kind of a progress tracker for when he was at the gym.

That progress tracker in the gym was later known as the good old workout log!

A workout log can help a lot of bodybuilders whether they’re beginner or advanced ones. The oldest workout log and also the best one still consists of a notebook and pen but some of the new bodybuilders believe that you should use smartphones with android apps in everything, including when you’re working out / lifting weights 😀 .

What’s your opinion when it comes to keeping a workout log or progress tracker by using an android app on your smartphone? I can recommend you the best ones for your purposes if you’re curious!

That’s my job, to keep you entertained and to try and help you or at least motivate you into doing new things that will ensure your lean muscle growth with or without steroids. So, if you’re still reading this all about modern ways to keep a workout log article, then it means that you want to try this geeky part of modern bodybuilding and that’s why i have to continue with my writing 😀 .

Here are some good workout log apps for android; They’re recommended by other bodybuilders who use them as a progress tracker but they’re also giving one or two free advices:

  1. Don’t grab your smartphone when training your forearms cause you might get clumsy and drop it; You don’t want a 150 dollars training session (that’s the usual price for a display)
  2. Keep the good old workout log made out of a notebook and a pen / pencil
    • Jefit android app – You can keep a workout log and also create your own routines, it has a large exercise database, you can share things with your gym buddies and it also counts your rest period between sets, i mean wtf?! Overall it seems a rather nice progress tracker.

workout log for geeky weight lifters

    • Endomondo for a smartphone workout log – This one is also kind of good and it links to myfitnesspal accounts too. It’s more of a cardio app but it’s good.

best workout log for smartphone

    • Gymrat: Workout tracker & log – A good progress tracker for bodybuilders; It lets you track body metrics such as weight and bmi, it can measure your one rep max bla bla.

weight lifting android app


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