Female bodybuilding model, Dana Linn Bailey!


Dana Linn Bailey is called by some, the goddess of bodybuilding and you just have to see a picture with her to understand why they call her that.

In Dana’s awesome pose you can see her bulking and also ripped triceps trying to escape her skin with extremely low body fat and as you can see, miss Linn Bailey uses only the men’s part of the gym because she can lift, sweat and shout just like any other man which trains to grow big muscles in that gym :D. Personally, i hope that she puts the weights back on the rack after using them ’cause it’s kind of annoying having to run around with 65 lbs dumbbells;

pink and bodybuilding

Take a look at her leg muscles man, she’s so fuarking sculpted, carved or whatever :D; Tight glutes, big thighs, well proportioned calves.. this is the dream of any female bodybuilder out there.

Dressed in pink or not, Dana Linn Bailey can beat a lot of guys who take pride in their max bench pressing records. That stunning bodybuilder body, great ripped abs along with a beautiful and still feminine face, make Dana one hell of a woman that can still pick up guys without being a scary female bodybuilder.

cute female bodybuilder

female bodybuilder abs

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