Funny ads with bodybuilder Evgeny Mishin for Applegate Farms! Mooo


Evgeny Mishin acting in funny adsWhat better way could Applegate Farms use to advertise their organic meat products than portraying the oldest cliche in the book with the help of Evgeny Mishin a personal trainer, IFBB professional bodybuilder and now, an actor!

Everyone who’s outside of the gym and doesn’t know what bodybuilding really is, thinks that every bodybuilder uses steroids and that’s the cliche which Applegate Farms uses in their viral and hilarious commercials.

So, by using this type of advertising, Applegate Farms kind of mocks bodybuilders around the world but it’s really funny and you shouldn’t be offended by it.

They use irony and taunt two facts about meat processing these days:

  • Cows are injected with testosterone and growth hormone; They say that if you’re eating the meat resulted from those cows, you could put those substances inside your body and become like Evgeny Mishin (just like his kid from the first tv ad, who developed a bulky body with big muscles fast 😀 ).

  • And that other meat processing brands (main Applegate Farms competitors) deny using hormones or steroids and claim that they have healthy products in order to sell their merchandise just like bodybuilders lie about hormone use in order to avoid a widespread misconception that they’re freaks or junkies and participate in bodybuilding contests. (see second funny ad with Evgeny Mishin)

I like the way that Evgeny tries not to laugh when saying to that woman in the supermarket: ” Are you looking for quality meat? Yeah, you do!” or when another woman asks him if he’s using growth hormones ’cause there’s a needle in his arm: ” That’s ridiculous! That’s not mine :D”

Applegate Farms really made something amusing and with taste even if they managed to mock bodybuilding. Anyway with funny ads like these, you can monetize your bodybuilder body to get some sweet cash for eventual “supplements”, if you get what i’m saying!

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2 Responses to “Funny ads with bodybuilder Evgeny Mishin for Applegate Farms! Mooo”

  • Ahmasi says:

    These are the funniest commercials so far! Mr. Mishin’s deadpan delivery makes it all work but my favorite line is when she points out the needle in his arm and he says so matter-of-factly. “That’s not mine!” The delivery and the look on his enigmatic face is just great comedy! Kudos to Applegate!

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