Rammstein – 1995 – Du Riechst So Gut


Rammstein – 1995 – Du Riechst So Gut

That german accent from Rammstein can make you go the extra mile when working out so you should start adding songs for workout from their albums. In this video, they were quite young but you can still feel the power of rock!

Workout music or not, Rammstein adds great rhythm to their songs.

If you didn’t know, Rammstein’s du riechst so gut (translated: you smell so good) was their first single and it was a hit! As you can see, Till Lindemann had some muscles since he was young and it suited him pretty well.

Well now, don’t think that he’s talking about the people from the gym cause they don’t smell that good, especially after working out 😀 . You know i’m right! Btw, here’s a fun fact while you listen to this workout song:

If you go to the gym only for muscle gaining and building strength, your sweat doesn’t smell as much as the one from a person who just wants to reduce stress at the gym!

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