The army has to train too! Improvised gyms made by those who love bodybuilding


improvised army gymsBodybuilding is a global phenomenon which is embraced by everybody regardless of race, color or gender; Being a sport which helps people build some serious strength and also big muscles, it has been used as a part of the army’s training too.

Of course that when soldiers are in their main military base, having a proper gym with good equipment isn’t a problem, but sometimes when you’re out in a small camp near a war zone, “One must make do with what one has”! This is why lots of soldiers put their mind into building raw and basic gym equipment for their usually outdoor improvised gyms in order to keep their muscle gains and strength!

barbed wire bench press

These soldiers are in isolated spots throughout the world and when you deploy a big number of soldiers along with military equipment in such places, you will have pretty expensive costs so that’s why you’ll see in the next photo gallery, a lot of improvised gyms with equipment made of:

  • fuel canisters
  • straps, belts
  • a lot of wood (they seem to have good carpenters to build those bench presses, ab benches, and etc.)
  • pipes (example for parallel tricep dips)
  • sponges ripped out of the seats of military vehicles for cushiony wooden bench presses 😀
  • sand bags as weights
  • chains
  • barbed wire
  • old wheels and axles from damaged vehicles
  • raw stones
  • ammo boxes
  • empty rocket cases

Soldiers always have to maintain and even enhance their endurance levels and some of them just do it because they enjoy lifting weights; It’s a win win situation for the army with these improvised army gyms :D.

improvised gym

If you think about it, you’ll realize that you don’t need expensive gym equipment in order to get big muscles and a bodybuilder body, you only need the weights and some proper handles to lift them. Muscles don’t fancy this up to date modern gym equipment, they only need some raw weight that can stress and tear them in order to promote even more muscle growth.

Small photo gallery with improvised bodybuilding for the army 

improvised gym

soldiers training together

weight lifting for soldiers

soldiers training in war zones

army imagination

soldiers and weight lifting

ammunition cans

improvised gym

army weight lifting

improvised gyms for soldiers

raw weight lifting

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