Where does Rich Piana’s money come? The true source of his income is being detailed here!


source of rich piana's wealthYou see a lot of youtube videos with this monster of a bodybuilder in a huge house and driving lots of cars so it’s natural to think: Wtf, this guy really seems to be in the cash flow business! What’s the source of Rich Piana’s wealth?

People tend to gossip and Rich Piana’s financial status is sometimes based on the fact that he lives with his mom, or that his family is rich and he lives off his parents!

Ohhh man, they’re so wrong! Rich does have 5 expensive cars and that’s because he’s a car fanatic but those cars aren’t bought brand new, they’re second hand and his house isn’t worth 2 million dollars like people believe.

Sometimes, people see someone doing well and since they’re not at the same level, they’ve got to talk about it, about the person by speculating instead of looking at the person and think: Wow, i can do it!! It’s the same kind of thinking as in bodybuilding, anyone who’s a hater for someone else’s muscle gains, is less than that person, you will never see someone really good at something hating on someone less than them.

Rich Piana’s money come from well thought investments:

  • mutual funds
  • stock market
  • internet ventures
  • real estate (when it was blooming, now he’s a landlord in Texas and he makes a ton of cash)
  • tv commercials

Rich also makes money from personal training, he’s got his own clothing line and of course, being the image of “Mutant”, a bodybuilding supplement company, is paying off!

Some guys say that Rich Piana is selling steroids and synthol but why would he do that when he’s got those houses from Texas which pay good money, the contract with Mutant which surely gives him at least 150 thousand dollars / year and the other personal training and investment things which fill his spare time.

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2 Responses to “Where does Rich Piana’s money come? The true source of his income is being detailed here!”

  • DNN says:

    If someone is doing well be happy for them. Especially if they’re doing it the right way and earning an honest living.

  • John says:

    It honestly shouldn’t bother people that this guy has money look what he’s put his body through and how much he trains every day. If people wanna get mad, get mad at the kids earning millions a year playing video games on youtube.

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