Geico auto insurances using a bodybuilder in their funny commercials! Directing traffic is easy


geico uses bodybuilder in their adsGeico auto insurance are pretty darn known in the auto industry and it seems that bodybuilding even if it’s still considered as an ugly sport by some people, can be useful and funny in different domains which don’t relate with it at all.

So that’s what Geico did, just like Applegate Farms did with their funny bodybuilding commercial for their meat, they’ve made a parody with a bodybuilder who knew how to sell his image.

See, big muscles can still bring in a bunch of cash! Just think about it, Geico auto insurances has a really big number of people who pay for those insurances and they can afford to pay a professional bodybuilder a sum with at least 6 figures for that funny commercial :D.

So what’s that auto commercial about? Well, a bodybuilder who stays in the middle of the street and directs traffic just like a police officer would. The funny thing about it, is that the bodybuilder is always smiling while directing traffic and he does his job by using different bodybuilding poses just like in bodybuilding competitions.

Of course, it wouldn’t be so funny without the lady who loves big muscles and stares, or the two Geico auto insurances representatives who talk about the people who already have Geico insurances, it seems that they are even happier than the bodybuilder who directs the street traffic and that’s happy! 😀

You know Ronnie, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico sure are happy. And how happy are they Jimmy? I’d say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic. He does look happy!

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One Response to “Geico auto insurances using a bodybuilder in their funny commercials! Directing traffic is easy”

  • Tim Baskins says:

    Haha, it seems that these bodybuilders can make money out of dirt 😀 nice way of advertising

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