Overtraining doesn’t exist! This comes from CT Fletcher himself


overtraining doesn't existThe overtraining myth has been around the bodybuilding world for some good years and it seems that CT Fletcher can’t stand it anymore. As you can see from the next motivational video from CT Fletcher, overtraining is bullcrap, overtraining just doesn’t exist!

A lot of people on bodybuilding and workout sites including me sometimes, tend to emphasize on the overtraining problem but you know what? CT Fletcher has a point when he talks about the overtraining myth in this youtube video.

High intensity training never killed and as CT Fletcher says:

The greatest pair of legs in bodybuilding history, that time which passed, were built by that bodybuilder who used to squat for hours on top of hours, he wasn’t concerned about the oooo I can’t do overtraining, you overtraining mother fu%#ers make me sick! It ain’t no mother fuc$#ing such thing as overtraining!

It’s a myth made out by those who want to sit on the couch, look at fuc%^ing TV, eat bonbons with house slippers on and talk shit. Ohhh I’m worried about overtraining; You’re worried about working out!

CT Fletcher might be the best NATURAL bodybuilder/powerlifter out there and you must know that it’s 3 times harder to gain such muscle mass and also be ripped without taking steroids! He overtrains all the time and that’s why he is so big! Of course, you really have to eat a lot and sleep! Those are real factors which can destroy your dream do get a bodybuilder body but still… overtraining is a myth!

After watching this motivational video with CT Fletcher, you’ll see the real deal with bodybuilding and overtraining, those guys are overtraining their biceps to make them grow!

Everyone says that you have to push your limits and hit those muscle fibers with a lot of weight; This resembles to the definition of overtraining! Isn’t it clear now? Overtraining doesn’t exist!!! It’s a simple bodybuilding myth!

Don’t say stop ’til you can’t do no mother fuc*&ing more!

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One Response to “Overtraining doesn’t exist! This comes from CT Fletcher himself”

  • Rich Govert says:

    Good motivational stuff coming from CT Fletcher! You’re a very talented writer, now i’m more focused on my training without having to listen to all that bullcrap about overtraining in bodybuilding 🙂

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