Arnold Schwarzenegger’s army story! Why did he go AWOL?


arnold went awol to compete in the junior mr europeAs you all know, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the best bodybuilder in the world with a perfect bodybuilder body which resembled to those muscular greek statues. He had big muscles and he loved weight training. Lifting weights was Arnold’s life since he was a kid when he saw Reg Park’s movie, Hercules.

I guess you’re curious about why did Arnold Schwarzenegger join the army and what went through his head that made him go AWOL for 2 days or so.

He was an embarrassment for his father and that’s why he sent him to become a tank driver.

Arnold wanted to make a big splash in order to gain everybody’s attention and when he was enlisted in the austrian army, 5 or 6 weeks after, he received an invitation for the Jr. Mr Europe championship which was held in Stuttgart. If he left, the consequences were severe..

  • those who left were sent to the bunker
  • solitary confinement could last from several days to several weeks

If he went past 18 years old, he couldn’t compete in the Jr. Mr. Europe anymore so he snuck out from the army base!

Arnold had to go and compete in that bodybuilding competition! He was motivated, so one night, he ran away and jumped on the first train because trains didn’t stop at the boarder for control.

The young Schwarzenegger didn’t have any money, not even trunks to pose at the contest so he borrowed the ones in which another teenage bodybuilder already posed.

After he won, he had to go back so when Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to snick back inside the army base and return to his daily activities, he got caught and was sent to solitary confinement for a couple of days along with his big muscles.

He was then sent to his superiors and when they found out that he won the competition, everything changed!

They “punished” Arnold by sending him to the kitchen where he was happy to be, food wasn’t a problem anymore. He ate lots of meat which he would steal when he was on duty to peel potatoes and with the help of some soldiers he also got some weights which he could use in his weight training.

This is how Arnold Schwarzenegger started his career in bodybuilding with a great kickstarter from the army !

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3 Responses to “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s army story! Why did he go AWOL?”

  • Silvester Mahone says:

    Dude, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a life filled with adventure. You can see that from every angle; Reading this story about his army awol days and seeing pumping iron with him flexing and winning, makes me want to get big and famous!

  • brazilian bodybuilder says:

    Arnie was so brave, he got into trouble for loving bodybuilding but he still managed to make the best out of the situation! Good job Mr. Olympia!

  • ManOfStrength says:

    Arnold had true passion for bodybuilding and that’s the thing which makes you a champion!

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