How to handle steroid dealers in the gym – the thug way! Punching and bitch slapping


how to deal with steroid sellers at the gym thug waySo, how would you react if you caught your employee selling steroids in the gym, especially if it’s your gym?! I guess that you’ll do the same or.. if you were a concerned citizen you would announce the authorities but that can lead you into closing down your business with your own hands.

I really understand the gym owner’s reaction when he found out that a steroid dealer was doing business under his very own nose. He slapped the shit out of the steroid seller with the help of his business partner and even made him pay a cut of the profits in the thug way because guess what, the gym owner was an ex enforcer called Shaun Smith, one of the pioneers of urban terrorism in UK, yep he’s a proper psycho who’s into weight lifting!

Shaun’s reaction when he was face to face with the guy that was selling gear in his gym:

Here’s how serious i’m going to be. (while punching the steroid dealer and also slapping) How can you sell fu%^&ing gear in my gym you cheeky twat? I’m shocked at you for selling steroids! Here’s what we’re going to do, I’m gonna tax you a grand, if you don’t want to give me a grand by the end of the day, i’ll smash your head in!

Weight training is a great way of life which rewards your body with big muscles and excellent body health but selling juice and also taking steroids are a serious offense even if they’re only used to improve your workout and diet results.

Check out this full of action youtube video which shows you how to deal with steroid dealers from gyms: (starts at 4:20)

That big bodybuilder who sold steroids just stood there; He got slapped and punched by Shaun Smith without notice and Shaun didn’t even care that there were cameras which filmed the whole thing!

Later on the video if you watch all of it, you’ll see that the gym owner’s friend and business partner who slapped the gear seller was selling steroids too and he took off, leaving everything behind including cocaine, steroid bottles and syringes – a whole lot of drug paraphernalia.

steroid dealers in gyms

The thing which really bothered me and also Shaun was that his business partner was a personal trainer who lived like a cockroach, having a bad diet which was held in a full of bacteria fridge and much more, Shaun was right, he was writing people’s diets for God’s sake. It made me think that the man looked good on the outside but was rotten in the inside even if he had a nice bodybuilder body!

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2 Responses to “How to handle steroid dealers in the gym – the thug way! Punching and bitch slapping”

  • Approve with the measures he took says:

    I just want to say how much I loved your article, that psycho sure knows how to deal with steroid traffic from inside his gym! Sometimes a good slap is better than calling the police and crying for help

  • steroids are bad says:

    Slap the sh$%t out of that guy !!! Fear brings respect and that nutjob deserves a lot of respect, anyway steroids are for losers

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