Drake deadlifting with bad form ! He’ll end up with a broken back if he continues this way


snap city - drake ft rounded backYeah, everybody loves bodybuilding or just weightlifting for personal muscle gains and this applies to celebrities as well and that’s why today, you’ll get to see a rather good R&B singer and rapper deadlifting more than he can handle! Who’s the guy? Well, it’s Drake!

The next youtube video features Drake doing deadlifts at the gym, yeah he’s lifting and he likes having big muscles but he’s also doing it wrong! The nasty part of this video with Drake deadlifting is that even if he tries to make us think that he’s into weight training for years, he still deadlifts with bad form!

Drake you’ll brake your back man, do them properly and if anyone wants to see the correct way to deadlift you can watch the video from this article on how to deadlift.

Looking at Drake’s deadlifting technique I’m wondering if that’s his first time or is it a crossfit standard.. he started from the bottom now his whole team’s laughing cause that’s terrible form! 😀 Still, with all Drake’s money, can’t he afford a personal trainer to teach him everything there is to know about lifting weights? And what’s with Drake’s workout and diet because he’s not that big though?!

I really like those funny comments on the video:

  • “Drake’s lifting weights to strengthen his emotions”
  • “Snap city- Drake ft rounded back”
  • “Started from the bottom now it’s snap city and I’m in tears”
  • “Drake’s got more arch in his back than a McDonald’s logo”

Everybody saw Drake’s awful deadlift and that should be a sign for him to start improving his technique.

It seems that Drake is a big fan of Jay Cutler as you can see from this bodybuilder photo from Jay’s profile. Mr. Cutler please teach Drake the proper form for deadlifting!

drake's into weightlifting

Still, there aren’t too many deadlifting musicians out there!

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2 Responses to “Drake deadlifting with bad form ! He’ll end up with a broken back if he continues this way”

  • Tina Fey says:

    At least he’s using a full range of motion starting from the bottom with that barbell

  • Jim Stoppani fan says:

    I’m guessing this deadlift has something to do with swag ?!

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