Extraordinary drawing of a famous bodybuilder’s body! Muscle art created with just one pencil


drawing a bodybuilder videoThere are lots of talented artists out there who also like bodybuilding, I mean who wouldn’t like a sport which makes you your own artist?! Yes, bodybuilding makes you an artist because you’re constantly carving your body.. looking for flaws and correcting them, chasing the perfect symmetry, this is exactly what a sculptor does!

Man, some people can draw; Don’t you appreciate a perfect representation of a bodybuilder body done with only a pencil and ruler? This youtube video shows you just that, an outstanding drawing of Jay Cutler the man who won Mr. Olympia many times!

As you can see, people admire Jay’s achievements and when you’re just different from the rest of the pack, everybody will start to notice you in a positive or negative way.

You can try this guy’s drawing technique at home if you’re interested, it really works! The video is on fast forward but you can still get to see how hard it can be to draw every single muscle from a big muscular frame like Jay Cutler’s.

What do you think about bodybuilding drawings made by talented guys like this one? He really knows how to pay attention to every detail of Jay Cutler’s body! This is just like a fast forward of a bodybuilding transformation when you’re having a great workout and diet!

And at the end of the drawing video, you’ll hear some motivational words from Jay Cutler:

People told me I didn’t have the genetics to be Mr. Olympia, I won my pro card and they said: “you won’t win anything after that” and then I started winning pro shows, and they said: “he’s not gonna win this one”  I wouldn’t be a multiple Arnold classic champion, now a 4 time Mr. Olympia, everyone said that couldn’t be done!

Big muscles will always look good anywhere, in clothing, at the beach, on magazines or on cool drawings made by passionate guys who like weight training and the results you get from it.

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2 Responses to “Extraordinary drawing of a famous bodybuilder’s body! Muscle art created with just one pencil”

  • Alex Grimshaw says:

    Your muscle blog is quite appealing and you really do try to add all kinds of stuff that are related to the bodybuilding world! Thanks for this video with the cool drawing of Jay, i’ve always wanted to try and draw a bodybuilder body of my own but with no luck.. maybe now i’ll get the hang of it

  • Andre Smith says:

    That is one awesome drawing! And I agree with Alex, great content on the site.

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