How to look like the Man of Steel ! Henry Cavill’s real workout and diet


Henry Cavill transformation Immortals vs Superman

Henry Cavill, an uprising star with muscles for the new era of action movies, already had a sculpted body from a previous workout and diet which he kept for another movie, Immortals (here is his training schedule), and now he shocked everybody with an almost perfect physique in the role of Man Of Steel or Superman;

Want to look like Man of Steel? Curious about Henry Cavill’s workout and diet? Here’s how to build steel muscles on a perfect shredded physique!

Henry Cavill’s workout for Man of Steel

There are many weight lifting routines out there but the one chosen for the role of Clark Kent was quite exhausting but which gave good workout results as you can see from these motivational photos with Henry in Man Of Steel, he looks just like a professional fitness model :D.

In Man of Steel, Henry Cavill’s personal trainer, Mark Twight had to add more muscle mass on Henry’s body and keep it there for 6 months, the amount of time in which the movie was filmed!

Working with Henry with his workout and diet, brought a lot of bodybuilding load, set, rest, and rep structures into the training, especially during the bulking period, because that’s what was needed to add size.

As you can see from the above youtube video, Henry Cavill’s workout had various exercises to obtain that outstanding body with big muscles and his training sessions were about two and a half hours a day:

  • free weights for shoulder, biceps and tricep exercises; Kettlebell training and dumbbell exercises
  • a lot of clean and jerks, chain pulling exercises & deadlifts for overall lower and upper body strength
  • seated cable rows and pull ups for his back
  • hundreds of push-ups and gymnastics ring routines for big arm muscles and also fine tuned pecs
  • barbell lunges and squats for big leg muscles
  • all sorts of ab exercises for those Man of Steel washboard abs

So here are 4 parts of a video series in which you can see Henry Cavill’s real workout for Man of Steel!

Now we have a Henry Cavill who’s turned into a sex symbol and when the girls see a shirtless Henry Cavill, well let’s say that you won’t have the luck to get an autograph from him.

man of steel workout and diet

Now let’s see how to get big muscles like Man of Steel with Henry Cavill’s diet plan!

It seems that Henry Cavill ate 5000 calories per day to keep such a rockin’ body but for the shirtless scenes he had to eat as usual.. more protein than carbs!

After he did those scenes he pigged out a bit with pizzas and apple pies but he still had to keep 20 pounds of lean muscle on his muscular frame. It’s hard when you need to be in shirtless scenes because you have to eat lots of tiny meals and you’re constantly hungry so that’s why you can eat potatoes, beef, chicken, pork, whole milk, rice, pasta, fruits, and vegetables to keep up with your body’s needs.

The Man of Steel diet plan is usually a typical bulking diet.. there’s no such miracle secret which helps you get lean muscle mass, you only have to eat clean and no sweets!

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