Testosterone thieves affect muscle gains! Top 4 testosterone inhibitors you should worry about


top testosterone blockersEverybody wants big muscles! Big muscles create the perfect environment for a great sexual life, health and success in bodybuilding development but for that you need one of the main blocks for building muscle and that’s testosterone!

Why do you think bodybuilders use steroids to improve their weight lifting routines? And why does every steroid is a synthesized form of testosterone? BECAUSE IT’S THE MAIN MUSCLE GROWTH HORMONE!

If you want to keep the testosterone levels high, you really have to know some things about the testosterone blockers which surround you; Be aware of the testosterone thieves inside different types of food or from different activities!


Yeah, certain food and activities can contain / produce testosterone inhibitors and if you don’t respect your body, then you won’t get big muscles anytime soon!

Now let’s see the top 4 anti-testosterone foods and activities that’ll halt your gym sessions!

  1. The first testosterone thief is coming from some swimming bombs, that’s right, some fish aren’t good for testosterone production. ¬†Methylmercury is a testicular poison which reduces testosterone levels and you can find lots of it in seafood so try to avoid eating shark meat, swordfish meat, bluefin tuna and sea bass.
  2. Dehydration is a mighty testosterone inhibitor; When you’re thirsty remember that cortisol kicks in (stress hormone) and it starts suppressing your testosterone! Drink at least 4 litres of water per day when going to the gym and 2 to 3 litres every other day.
  3. Sleep deprivation is a nasty one when we’re talking about testosterone and the human growth hormone. A study which was conducted in Chicago showed that men who were sleeping less than 6 hours a day for a week had alarming lower testosterone levels than when they slept for 10 hours daily. ¬†Less sleep is the main factor which “jump-starts” cortisol secretion! Your body always needs sleep for recovery and growing big.
  4. Alcohol! It’s sad ’cause everybody wants to drink a beer or two in a while.. alcohol is a damn good testosterone thief so think twice the next time you want to drink a couple of beers after a hardcore training session!

Now go and boost your testosterone, use the provided info and enjoy your future muscle mass!

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