Arnold’s look alike! Is he a CGI effect or a true junior Schwarzenegger?


arnold 2.0 or cgiArnold Schwarzenegger is the most popular ex bodybuilder who walked on this Earth but now he’s getting older and older; Even if he’s not the same as in his youth, Arnold Schwarzenegger has one convincing look alike who goes by the name of Calum Von Moger and this guy can remind you of Arnold’s bodybuilding years 😀 .

This junior Schwarzenegger has a hardcore training schedule and a very well planned diet so that’s from where he got those big muscles, a good workout and diet plan!

Look at this motivational video with Calum training, you can see the resemblance with Arnold Schwarzenegger, his chin and jaw line are almost identical with Arnold’s and even his bodybuilder body is almost the same, only his legs seem to be a bit more bigger / bulky.



The best thing about Arnold’s “stunt double”, Calum Von Moger, is that he’s trying to keep a classic approach to bodybuilding just like in the 60’s or 70’s, his bodybuilding role models being Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Dave Draper or Louis Ferrigno.

Schwarzenegger Jr.’s bodybuilding guideline, the basic principle of his workout:

When I played soccer my dad told me that I would score if I could visualize myself scoring a goal before I’d even kick the ball and it worked! I have continued to use this method so when I train I’m not just going into the motions of lifting weights, I’m creating that image that I have planted in my head.

For Arnold’s look alike, bodybuilding is just a fun activity and this is the best possible activity you can think of when you want to look cool, be strong as fuark and maybe in the future, a good way to do something special, something which you’ve dreamed of since you were younger!

Our Arnold Schwarzenegger clone has lots of fun when people ask him what he does for a living and he’s constantly messing around by pulling pranks on them and telling them things like:

I’m a professional chess player or say something stupid and just look at their face

What do you think of this Arnold 2.0? Some guys on youtube thought that this was an CGI Arnold Schwarzenegger or maybe even his son (cause we all know that Arnie had his fair share of women 😀 )!

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