Best gym prank: Taking someone’s spot at the machine he’s working out on right in the middle of their set!


gym prankEverybody knows that these days, every gym has more and more members. Why, are you asking yourself? Well, because of the new movies, movies that have in the main role, actors with big muscles and ohhh how they suffer to get those shredded physiques worthy of action movies.

So, because of the media which is filled with hot looking girls and men who look like they’ve had a workout and diet schedule for years, the gyms get more and more members; The good thing is that every one of them feels different when trying some weightlifting routines, some of them get nasty muscle soreness and they never come back.. but others love the way their muscles grow and those few who remain at their training sessions are the people which you see in these crowded gyms.

Usually they’re good fellas’ and when one trains at a particular machine and another one wants to train there too, everything goes ok between them because that’s why we’re humans, we can interact and think, but today you’ll see Fousey making a good gym prank! He’ll be one of the guys who take your spot at different gym equipment/ machines without asking or even trying to do his sets while you rest :D!

Imagine yourself in the gym trying to build some muscle mass and suddenly, a dude comes near you, stops you from finishing your set and also starts using the same machine, how would you react? It would probably go something like:

making fun of gym members

-Yo yo yo let me see that! Get off for a second.
-That’s my machine bro, I’m working out, doing some sets.
-You wanna watch me you mean? This is my machine so I’m working out! I’m sorry that’s just how it happens in life sometimes.

The funniest part was when Fousey took the skinny guy’s dumbbells right out of his hands and started doing some reps, the guy’s expression was priceless!

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One Response to “Best gym prank: Taking someone’s spot at the machine he’s working out on right in the middle of their set!”

  • Trisha P. says:

    hilarious stuff you have going around here, thanks for the quality “gym prank” blog post

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