Check out 20 of the greatest aesthetic physiques from the fitness world!


best bodies in the worldIn today’s article about muscles of course, we’ll get the chance to see some great names from the male fitness world, guys who have one of the best bodies in the world! An aesthetic physique can be a challenge when you need to reach a high point in the fitness area but with a great workout and diet you can do it!

In the next youtube video you’ll see 20 of the coolest fitness bodies from known social media sources or fitness competitions but these aren’t all the best looking physiques in the world, no no, there are a lot more out there.

Curious about who you’ll see in the tribute video that can also be a motivational video? Here you’ll see some of the best aesthetic builds like:

  • Brian Whitacre
  • Marc Fitt (with a stunning ab and back pose)
  • Aaron Curtis
  • Matt Christianer
  • Adam Parr
  • A J Shukoori
  • Jason Dwarika
  • Matt Ogus
  • Brock Cunico
  • Rob Riches
  • Sadik Hadzovic
  • Greg Plitt
  • Abel Albonetti (this one’s kind of a Justin Bieber with muscles but he’s got an outstanding physique with big muscles)
  • Ryan Terry
  • Jeff Seid (the father of shreddedness)
  • Lazar Angelov (the facebook fitness idol)

There are others in this video and you should watch it cause you’ll get great inspiration and motivation from their simple muscle flexing, you’ll see.

Aesthetic – concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty and a set of principles underlying the work of a particular artist or artistic movement, according to Google! Is it right guys? Would you try to achieve this kind of perfection?

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