Epic psychological music for an epic gym workout!


epic songs for hardcore workouts I’ve supplied you with some of the best motivational videos you should watch before a hard workout for an absolute blast at the gym.

I’m now continuing the motivation series with a list of epic songs that are a must have for those who enjoy listening to this kind of psychological music while working out so get ready for some groovy songs for workout handpicked by me and a friend of mine, Andre.

Be sure to hit the gym right after choosing the ones which make you go nuts, the ones which give you that adrenaline rush!

Now here are the mind blowing workout songs:

Two Steps From Hell – Strength of a Thousand Men


Two Steps From Hell – To Glory


Two Steps From Hell – Archangel


Two Steps From Hell – Skyworld


Two Steps from Hell- Protectors of the Earth


Two Steps From Hell – Heart of Courage


Two Steps From Hell – Freedom Fighters


Music Junkies – Brutal Revolution


Position Music – Vendetta

These are motivational songs which know how to hit the right spot when it comes to giving you that great feeling which determines you to grow big muscles!

To conclude, I understand that everyone has a different taste in music so I will try to cover other genres too – in the future series you’ll be the lucky guy who gets a pretty powerful mix to spice up your training sessions so stay tuned!

Now that I’ve got you equipped with pre workout motivational music for a workout, what is your excuse not to train hard just like those animal like pro bodybuilders? Some people really experience a tingly feeling running down their spine and they’re not to blame! Just try them out, you won’t regret it!

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