Jean Claude Van Damme in his 50’s still has the fighting moves and muscular body worthy of respect


van damme still kickin ass at his ageJean Claude Van Damme, the 53 year old action movie star with big muscles still keeps his workout and diet and he’s in tip top shape! Will you have the willpower to look like him when you’ll be in your mid 50’s?

He’s famous for his awesome leg splits and in this next youtube video you’ll get the chance to see some footage from Jean Claude Van Damme’s personal life when he’s training at the gym.

Now after watching Jean Claude Van Damme training in his 50’s don’t start to judge the fact that he uses light weights and etc; He’s maintaining his all ready perfect muscular size and being old makes it harder to push your limits because you will always risk a muscle injury and it’s better to be safe than not having the possibility of weightlifting at all!

And Jean Claude Van Damme wasn’t the buffed up guy to begin with. As a kid, Van Damme was a scrawny fellow with a small body frame and that’s why his father made him take Shotokan karate lessons and later on he went to the gym to improve his physique; He even took ballet classes!

Anyway, Jean Claude Van Damme is still in good shape and his rockin’ body is better than most of the mid 20 year old guys out there! Being old isn’t an excuse when you’re into a healthy lifestyle with a good workout and Van Damme still provides a good inspirational source for those who love weights!

If you also love Van Damme’s famous spinning sidekicks, then this is the right spot, in this video you’ll see the “old man” showing off his moves in different poses :D, even breaking a bottle from someone’s head!

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2 Responses to “Jean Claude Van Damme in his 50’s still has the fighting moves and muscular body worthy of respect”

  • jimmy says:

    Duudeee, Jean Claude Van Damme rocks!!!! It shows that he never skipped a workout session in like.. forever!

  • Homer says:

    Hі, just wanted to mention that I liked this article a lot! I really hope that I’ll manage to look just like Van Damme at his age.. It waѕ praсtical. Keep on posting!

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